Discounts and Service


Discounts: We're now offering free shipping throughout the US. Also, if you order multiple products, the second one is 50% off. So if you double your beard care order, you could pay under $13 per bottle of oil, under $15 per beard balm, or under $27 per combo pack (oil & balm both). That's less than other premium competitors pricing. 

Exchanges: We believe in our products so much that we're offering one free exchange per product. So, let's say you order a scent, get it in the mail, try it, and don't care for it. Contact us at and request an exchange. We'll ask that you return that scent and once received, we'll send you a completely new scent free of charge. It's that easy. 

Quality Service: We live in a world overrun with poor customer service. Haven't you ever waited over an hour on hold, thirty minutes for a chat representative, or 3-5 days for a response email? I have. It's frustrating. You spend your hard earned money on a product and can't get any real answers that aren't preceded by a bot, an automated response, a disgruntled worker, or a 10 minute search to find the button for an actual representative. They want you to "ask the community" or look up the answer on your own because they can cut customer service costs and increase profits. 

Just Beards USA maintains quality, excellent communication and feedback with our customers. We're here, we're available, and we're ready to talk to you cheerfully via email, chat, or text. Why "cheerfully"? Because who wants to spend all that time waiting for a representative to respond just to be treated like you're interrupting their day because they "don't want to deal with you". 

So, how can we help achieve that quality customer service goal? By being available and listening. Tell us what you want and we will work diligently to make that happen. There are no guarantees we're going to meet every single goal, but we're damn sure going to try. We're listening to you. Give us feedback about our products - what you do and/or don't like. Help us grow. 

We're confident about our products, we want to earn your trust, and keep you as a customer and/or supporter. That's right. Even if you're not spending money, it's ok. Like us on social media and be a part of the community of beard lovers for exciting educational information on Just Beards.