1. Where can I find the ingredients in each product? Each individual product has all the ingredients listed in the description, on the packaging box, and on the container. It's never hidden.

2. How do I choose the best scent for me? First look at all the ingredients and check for any allergies. Then look for key scents in the description that might appeal to you. For example: do you like citrus, woodsy, strong, or light profiles? Then decide if you want to soften the hair or more of a styling product to determine if you need the beard oil or the balm. You can always try both. 

3. What's the difference between a beard oil and balm? Both products have natural ingredients that promote healthy skin,  beard growth. The oil will soften, condition, lock in moisture, and tame puffy beard hair. The balm will also do this but adds more styling capabilities because it contains a small amount of beeswax. If you can't decide, try both.

4. When should I use beard care products? The best time to apply the beard oil and balm are in the morning after a shower and beard washing. You can reapply later in the day if needed.

5. How do I use the beard oil? Apply 1-3 droppers full onto the palm of hand. Massage the oil into the hair and on skin. Adjust the amount you use based on the size of your beard. If it's too oily and doesn't absorb within about 15 minutes then use less next time. 

6. How do I use the beard balm? Apply a nickel-sized portion of balm onto the palm of hand and massage the balm to soften. Apply the balm to the beard and on your skin. Adjust the amount of balm based on the size of your beard. If you want more style, use slightly more balm. Allow 15 minutes for absorption.