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Call me Christmas Beard

This stuff is great. My wife is pregnant and currently very sensitive to scents, She loves this stuff. It smells like all the great Christmas memories sitting around a tree eating good food and relaxing with family. It also has the added benefit of keeping my beard silky smooth. Also keeps my face nice and moisturized. You won’t regret it.

Zachary Knight
Great soap

I love the smell of this soap and my wife can't get enough of the smell either, she is all ways smelling me through out the day. The smell last all day and has a great lather to the soap. I would recommend this soap to every man that want to smell great all day

Kim H
Love this soap and scent!

EDC is gorgeous! I steal my husband’s soap when it arrives, he’s constantly trying to steal it back. The soap struggle is REAL!
Would love this same scent to be available in oils and balms (for him)- can’t get enough!Absolutely addictive!!
Another option, soap on a rope so I can hang it around his neck? lol!
Love all your products, guys. Keep up the great work!
Gratitude from both Mr & Mrs….now about the EDC scented balm and oil??Please?? 🙏🏻
Your loyal Canadian customers 🇨🇦

Best ever

Best beard oils and balms out there. I’ve been using these products since they started and it was sir Leo Stiffs beard oil and balm, those products were great and the just beards products are even better. The scents are nice and subtle not overpowering and they leave your beard looking and feeling amazing. Hands down these are the best.

Love it...

Husband had a birthday coming up and had been hinting about product for the facial hair. We tried other products and it just wasn't the same. I decided to surprise him with the gift set and he is thrilled with the brush and comb. He just told me tonight that he couldn't have picked a better comb! He was ready to shave it all off until he got his comb. I am glad I was able to surprise him with more amazing product from his favorite brand!

Joseph Larochelle
Black Jack FTW

The Black Jack beard oil is awsome!! Keeps my skin from drying out, and none of the ingredients irritate my skin with prolonged use like other oils which use artificial scents. My wife loves the scent to!

Exceptional product and support

I have been a customer for awhile now and have tried all the different scents they supply. All of them are good and would wear pending occasions is only variable. Wife and i both like 1776 and my personal favorite is Blackjack. Highly recommend trying these products as the quality is exceptional and the customer service will keep you coming back for replenishment orders. Kristi / Liam know what customer service is and always go the extra mile to support even international customers. Thank you from the Great White North. (Jim)

Reigning undisputed champion - Blackjack

Blackjack is my all time favorite of all the scents, however i do switch it up on request of the wife as she likes a few of the others i have tried. Crush, Original to name a few. Also as an international customer the products are great but the customer service is one of the contributing driving forces which keeps me coming back for my replenishment orders. Thanks Liam and Kristi

S. Hamrick
Amazing Oils

I recently got out of the Navy and started growing a beard, I quickly found that I needed Beard care products so I ordered the sampler pack. I was extremely satisfied with all the oils but was quickly told that BlackJack was the scent I would be using....... My partner ordered me more of your products (in her favorite scent of course) and you have gained a customer for life.

I’ve known these folks for several years and they’ve been very consistent with high quality work, professionalism, responsiveness, and passion toward their customers. The original beard oil did not disappoint, and I look forward to many more years of business and friendship.

RS Cody Powers
Great Products

I love the scents and the products work great. No buildup or greasy feeling.


We love the smell! Husband loves that his beard is soft and his face doesn't itch since starting using the product

Custodians of the Veteran Community

Just Beards is an amazing Veteran owned business dedicated to supporting the community. When asked and without hesitation freely support Veteran organizations with donations of their products.

Form and function, just like the axes and knives.

I ordered a soap, 2 oils, and samples. They came well shipped, and were beautiful when I opened the box. The packaging let's you know you're getting some high quality stuff. Whoever thought up the color coded system with the key on the back of the business card is a genius. We had no problem knowing which sample we were testing and they were big enough to get a good full try of it but small enough that I don't feel like I'm wasting good product if we prefer other scents. Each scent was distinct, and it's difficult to decide which ones to order they all smell so uniquely good. And that degreaser soap! OH MAN! It's a powerful smell but not, overwhelming or stinky. These are so much better than other oils out there. No matter which scent you order you won't be sorry!


This stuff is great! Ive been using the Gentlemens beard since I started growing a beard & Never thought I would veer anywhere else. Well, after hearing about this stuff, highly recommended from a friend, I thought I would give it a chance. Funny thing is, they actually have a scent called “The Gentleman” Sounded like it was made just for me. Read through the Ingredients & Loved the Lavender & Sandlewood combo & I wasnt wrong, this stuff smells & feels great in my beard. I am a happy New Customer & my wifes happy too.... “Happy Life!” Ill take it, Thanks Just Beards! -Nate

First time customer

As a Veteran with a glorious beard it’s hard to find a small Veteran owned/operated business that does everything “in-house” and treats their customer as a family member and not a number.
JustBeards creates some amazing products!!! I’ve used their beard oil and soap for about a week now and it’s the best made, quality products that I’ve ever used. They will have my business now and into the future.
I highly suggest any bearded brother to use their products. Your beard will be appreciative of it.

I love their products!

I use their balms and oils on the daily and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve used a lot of different products over the years, but I couldn’t ever find a product that didn’t irritate my face and also smell good! The fact they use all natural ingredients helps alleviate those issues I’m sure. HIIIIIGHLY recommend their products!!!

New Scent for the Discerning Man Mane

I have been insistent on wearing the same scent everyday no matter what, but with the introduction of Gentleman, this is my go to for a night out on the town. If you're wanting to step up your beard game... Use Gentleman for those special occasions!

My Everyday Go To

Black Jack has long been one of my favorite scents. I use it as my every day beard care. I love the way it smells and so does my wife!

Favorite scent

Was not sure what scent to order, so grabbed a few to try. I am International customer and the speed of delivery along with exceptional packaging protected everything for the journey. Upon arrival i opened up all the different scents for a quick poll on a pecking order, blackjack won hands down. But other scents have their place on where they would be preferred pending occasion. Thanks Kristi and Liam

I wanted to hate it...

I hate change. When I find something I like I stick with it. When I heard about the rebranding I thought surely not “Black Jack” why mess with it, it’s good enough! I even toyed with the idea of buying up all the old stock. I’m glad I trusted that these folks knew what they were doing. They preserved everything I loved about the original “Black Jack” added higher quality ingredients and took away the coconut-y notes which was my wife’s only gripe about it. Here’s the real kicker though, it lasts all day long. With the older stuff I’d be reapplying around lunch. End state: it’s a better product in every way.

This made me laugh so hard. - Kristi

Jim Hamer
CleanThumbs up

I am a heavy equipment mechanic by trade and this soap does the job. Lathers up nicely and decimates any sign of grease and grime. The wife likes the smell of it and will now let me in the house. Thx Kristi and Liam on an awesome product

Leaves my husband's beard super soft and smells great too. He actually likes to use it.

Great product

This product is top notch. It softens and isn't too heavy like other brands I've tried. It smells great but isn't too strongly scented either. 10/10 would and will buy again.

If you love coffee, you will love thus.. Ordered this for my husband and I love the way it smells. Highly recommend.